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Scholes on song in Turkey

Playing in a raucous Turkish atmosphere - where the home fans roar whatever the score - quietening the crowd was not an option for United. But nevertheless, the Reds produced the consummate European away performance to bag three points and take a giant step towards the knock-out stages of the Champions League.

The importance of the Bursaspor game was reflected in Sir Alex’s team selection. For me, the gaffer got it spot on with the midfield in particular controlling proceedings from the offset.

This match was made for Paul Scholes. European away fixtures are all about keeping the ball and boy, did he keep the ball. At times I thought there was at least four of him on the pitch; he always seemed to be in space, acting as an escape route for his team mates and when he was on the ball, what a sight to behold.

We’ve seen it so many times before but when Scholesy's on form there is hardly a player in the world who can touch him. Controlling the game from deep, as he often does nowadays, some of his passes were magic, particularly a first-time 40-yard raker to Berbatov in the first half. He was unlucky not to get the goal he deserved as his first half strike was (rightly) ruled out but he made up for it with a terrific reverse ball to set up Bebe (or was it Ali Tandogan?) for United’s third.

Another midfielder who stood out for me was Michael Carrick. He seems to be slowly edging back to the scintillating form shown in the 2007/08 double-winning season and I think we saw some vintage Carrick in the second half when he was breaking up play and finding his intended target with numerous first-time passes. His assist for Fletcher’s goal was also expertly executed.

Some might say I’m going over the top with my praise of United’s performance,given the strength of the opposition, but while Bursaspor offered little in attack, their defensive strategy worked for 48 minutes. Although the Reds had control of the game, the home side's tireless chasing made it difficult for United to find any rhythm. However, just like in Valencia a little over a month ago, you knew it wouldn’t last and so it proved as the Reds ran riot in the second half.

UEFA might have taken his goal away but Bebe's involvement will still do his confidence the world of good and further defy the critics who've harshly dogged him since his surprise arrival. One lung-busting run from the halfway line showed he has pace to burn as well as an eye for goal.

Speaking after the game, Sir Alex said he was pleased by the impact of his younger contingent and the experience they're gaining - and also by the way his midfielders are chipping in with goals. A healthy return of goals from midfield - reminiscent of the days of Beckham, Giggs, Keane and Scholes - would be a big plus for the Reds this season.

The only minuses on an otherwise excellent European night were the injuries to Fletcher and Nani. The worry shown by all as the two exited proceedings shows how important the two players are for United - here's hoping they make a swift recovery, if not for Wolves on Saturday, then certainly for City next Wednesday.

We head into those two league matches in a terrific vein of form, on the back of five straight wins in three competitions. Just as the cold weather sets in, and big games loom, the Reds are warming up nicely.
The views expressed in this article are personal to the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Manchester United FC.

Mafia Wars Bangkok New

Rekap For Mafia wars
Subject: Bangkok 6 & 7
New Bangkok Epi 6 & Epi 7

▬▬▬▬▬«• Episode 6 •»▬▬▬▬▬
Get A Gang Member Back Into Thailand

Episodes 6 & 7 of Bangkok have been released. You are going to need sat phones,
pirates, and lots of baht. Here is the information we have so far:

Loot Item on Episode 6
Chapter 2
[Yakuza] Titanium Mesh Jacket (Armor) 31 Attack 46 Defense
[Triad] Raed Armored Sedan (Vehicle) 30 Attack 47 Defense

Chapter 3
[Yakuza] Ninja (Armor) 47 Attack 35 Defense
[Triad] Nak Kha Shotgun47 Attack 31 Defense

▬▬▬▬▬«• Episode 7 Assassin •»▬▬▬▬▬

This is the seventh episode in Bangkok.
Note: There is no Triad vs Yakuza choice point in this tier.

Chapter 1
Royal Thai Marine (Armor) 33 Attack 49 Defense

Chapter 2
Titanium Katar (Weapon) 35 Attack 50 Defense
Lamang Motorcycle (Vehicle) 49 Attack 34 Defense

Chapter 3
Chain Viper (Armor) 46 Attack 33 Defense

NEW factions:

Banded Krait 51 Attack 28 Defense

Xiamen Tiger 26 Attack 52 Defense

Clan Mafia Wars di Indonesia

Daftar nama - nama clan Mafia wars di Indonesia ,,, liat nomor urut 48 ... itu adalah my clan ;)...
Berikut ini daftar lengkap clan di Indonesia :
[01] |MWI| Mafia Wars Indonesia
[02] -KASKUS- Mafia Wars
[03] |ĢaruÐa| - Mafia Wars Indonesia
[04] [MTMI] Maling Teriak Maling Indonesia - Mafia War
[05] [MWInd] Mafia Wars Indonesia
[06] [IndoFighter] Mafia Wars Family
[07] |IndoMafia|
[10] [Cobra] Mafia Wars

[11] Mafia Wars Edan |MWEdan| Alliance
[12] [OIMW] Official Indonesia Mafia Wars
[13] [UGD] / [Dr.UGD] Unit Gawat Darurat
[14] MAFIA INDONESIA 68 ≡M.I.68≡
[16] ◄ M▲fi▲ W▲r Indonesi▲ [MWInd] ►
[17] ~G.A.G~ = Garuda Assault Group
[20] [EMWI] Elite Mafia Wars Indonesia
[21] [S.I.F] Special Indo Forces™
[22] Mafia Wars Indonesia [M.W.I.P] Pandawa
[23] All-Star Mafia Indonesia [A.M.I]
[24] [RwINA]--RedWINE--RW
[25] Mawar Insomnia [Indonesia Mafia Wars Group]
[26] [A.S.F] AMWI Special Forces
[27] [EASI] Eksclusive Armada Surga Indonesia
[29] [MGI] - Mafia Girls Indonesia
[30] Central Java Mafia War [CJ:MW]
[31] WIRO SABLENG ๑۩ | 212 - WS | ۩๑™
[32] [JogjaFighter] Mafia Wong Jogja
[33] Green's Stone Mafia Alap Alap ( Alap2 Ijo )
[34] The Indonesian Mafia [TIM]
[35] North Sumatera Family [NSF] - Mafia Wars
[36] [MGM Indo] Mafia Gank Medan
[39] ΩIBMΩ Indonesia Borneo Mafia
[40] [IWAPI] Ikatan mafia War Perempuan Indonesia
[41] [LS] Laskar Siliwangi
[42] {DENSUS} Detasemen Khusus MafiaIndonesia
[43] [CJR] Cianjur Mafia Wars
[44] [SURABAYA] - || The Old School [SuraBaYa] Mafia ||
[47] │ßàLĩ│ Bali Mafia Wars Community
[48] C-ID Mafia - Recruitment Centre & Alians [C-ID]
[49] [B.M.W] - Batam Mafia Wars
[50] [M.I.A.M] Mafia Indonesia Anti Malaysia
[53] -!pʞ MW-︻╦╤─ MAFIA WARS KENDARI
[54] Mafia Wars Sulawesi Utara Community (MWSUC)
[56] [SSS] southern sumatra's syndicate
[57] [MARJINAL] Mafia War Jiwa Nasionalis
[58] Mafia Wars Tegal [MWT]
[59] [MWSolo] Mafia Wars Solo
[62] [B.W.S] Bonex Warior Surabaya
[63] [KAMI] Komunitas Anggota Mafia Indonesia
[64] Mafia Wars |ATJEH| Community
[65] Mafia Admiral Indonesia (M@I)
[68] [MWC] Mafia Wars Cirebon
[69] [Agent] Mafia Wars Indonesia...Recruitment Centre of Mafia [Agent]..
[70] MW-NKRI {}
[71] Mafia Sendal Jepit #MSJ#
[72] [M.I.A.M] Mafia Indonesia Anti Malaysia
[73] Indonesian Destroyer {ID}
[75] אMFIא Mafia Fighter Indonesia
[76] +AXE+ = Kapak Merah
[78] [Atemo Fam]
[79] [BMWC] Borneo Mafia War Clan
[80] [IndoGangster]
[81] [T-ID] TRIAD Indonesia
[82] [IGUaNA] Indonesian Guerilla Mercenaries
[82] [BMW] Brandals Mafia Wars

Consumable ITEM buat BANGKOK

Bangkok consumable loot buat nyelesaiin semua job!!!!!!

Episode 1 (brawler): Meet A Gang's Rep in A Go-Go Bar (UCP)
Level 1: 6 x UCP
Level 2: 8 x UCP
Level 3: 10 x UCP
Level 4: 20 x UCP
Total: 44 x Untraceable Cell Phone (UCP)

Episode 3 (Pirate): Yakuza Ch. 3: Sink A Chinese Metals Freighter (P), Triad Ch. 3: Steal Japanese Auto Shipping Containers (P), Triad Ch. 3: Offload The Cars Onto A Waiting Barge (SP)
Level 1: Yakuza Ch. 3: 9 x P, Triad Ch. 3: 9 x P, Triad Ch. 3: 8 x SP
Level 2: Yakuza Ch. 3: 12 x P, Triad Ch. 3: 12 x P, Triad Ch. 3: 10 x SP
Level 3: Yakuza Ch. 3: 17 x P, Triad Ch. 3: 17 x P, Triad Ch. 3: 15 x SP
Level 4: Yakuza Ch. 3: 34 x P, Triad Ch. 3: 34 x P, Triad Ch. 3: 34 x SP
Total: Yakuza Ch. 3: 72 x Pirate (P), Triad Ch. 3: 72 x Pirate (P), Triad Ch. 3: 67 x Satelite Phone (SP)

Episode 4 (Komandan): Make Contact With The United Wa State Army (SP), Establish Contact With A CIA Agent (SP), Yakuza Ch. 2: Set Up An Opium Shipment (DS), Triad Ch. 2: Ship The Yaa Baa Payment To Phuket (DS), Yakuza Ch. 3: Pass On Information To The Thai Police (SP), Attack Chang's Heroin-Processing Facility (DS)
Level 1: 28 x SP, Yakuza Ch. 2: 10 x DS, Triad Ch. 2: 13 x DS, Yakuza Ch. 3: 17 x SP, 10 x DS
Level 2: 37 x SP, Yakuza Ch. 2: 13 x DS, Triad Ch. 2: 17 x DS, Yakuza Ch. 3: 20 x SP, 13 x DS
Level 3: 50 x SP, Yakuza Ch. 2: 20 x DS, Triad Ch. 2: 25 x DS, Yakuza Ch. 3: 34 x SP, 20 x DS
Level 4: 100 x SP, Yakuza Ch. 2: 34 x DS, Triad Ch. 2: 50 x DS, Yakuza Ch. 3: 50 x SP, 34 x DS
Total: 215 x Satelite Phone (SP), Yakuza Ch. 2: 77 x drug Shipment (DS), Triad Ch. 2: 105 x drug Shipment (DS), Yakuza Ch. 3: 121 x satelit Telepon (SP), 77 x drug Shipment (DS)

Episode 5A (Oyabun): Smuggle The Sapphires Into Tokyo (P, SP), Triad Ch. 2: Frame An Enemy For The Murder (DS), Remove Matsumura's Loyal Lieutenants (DS)
Level 1: 25 x P, 25 x SP, Triad Ch. 2: 15 x DS, 13 x DS
Level 2: 34 x P, 34 x SP, Triad Ch. 2: 20 x DS, 17 x DS
Level 3: 50 x P, 50 x SP, Triad Ch. 2: 25 x DS, 25 x DS
Level 4: 100 x P, 100 x SP, Triad Ch. 2: 50 x DS, 50 x DS
Total: 209 x Pirate (P), 209 x satelit Telepon (SP), Triad Ch. 2: 110 x drug Shipment (DS), 105 x drug Shipment (DS)

Episode 5B (Dragon Head): Set Up A Drug Shipment To China (P, DS), Yakuza Ch. 2: Make An Example Of A Wealthy Industrialist (P), Talk With Wei's Disloyal Enforcers (SP)
Level 1: 25 x P, 25 x DS, Yakuza Ch. 2: 20 x P, 20 x SP
Level 2: 34 x P, 34 x DS, Yakuza Ch. 2: 25 x P, 25 x SP
Level 3: 50 x P, 50 x DS, Yakuza Ch. 2: 34 x P, 34 x SP
Level 4: 100 x P, 100 x DS, Yakuza Ch. 2: 50 x P, 50 x SP
Total: 209 x Pirate (P), 209 x drug Shipment (DS), Yakuza Ch. 2: 129 x Pirates (P), 129 x satelit Telepon (SP)

Bangkok total:

44 x Untraceable Cell Phone (UCP)
418 x Pirate (P)
553 x Satelite Phone (SP)
391 x drug Shipment (DS)
201 x Pirate (P)
121 x Satelite Phone (SP)
77 x drug Shipment (DS)
72 x Pirate (P)
67 x satelit Telepon (SP)
215 x drug Shipment (DS
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